1. To provide welfare, counselling and information services to our members and the community.

2. To facilitate and promote community development and education.

3. To identify gaps and assist in the co-ordination of services delivery to Tamil Community.

4. To develop a framework to align the policy and practices of organisation in the context of wider Australian multi-cultural society.

5. To provide facilities for disadvantaged groups eg. Women, elderly, youth, and the handicapped, and to have particular regard for their needs.

6. To provide cultural, religious, educational and recreational activities and programs for the Tamil Community.

7. To initiate and to participate in multicultural activities within the North-West Region of Melbourne.

8. To promote Universal brotherhood, Peace and Harmony in the community.

9. To organise adult education classes, study groups, workshops, seminars and other related activities for the study of rich tradition of Indian languages especially Tamil.

10. To print and publish periodicals or newsletters to keep the members and the community informed  for the promotion of its objectives.

11. To establish a public library of books in relation to Tamil language and culture.

12. The funds of the Cultural Centre shall be derived from annual subscriptions, donations and cultural functions.

13. To borrow monies in any manner the Organisation may deem fit for its activities.

14. The Organisation shall be a non-profit making association and all profits and other income shall be applied only to the promotion of the objectives of the society.