Sustainable Water Use and Water Treatment Project

Project Detail

TECCA is attempting to combine a number of different sustainable concepts into a workable system that reduces water consumption and treats wastewater generated on site, in a manner that is unique and to TECCA’s knowledge beening the first of its kind in Australia.

The project is undertaken with the support of the Smart Water Funding Project Sponsored by: Smart Water Fund (Victorian Government – Major sponsor) and TYCO Water Pty Ltd (Pipes and Fittings).

Project Objectives/Goals

• Design and install a rainwater harvesting system for use in irrigation and fire fighting services

• Design and install a wastewater treatment system that is able to efficiently treat the wastewater from the temple

• Design and develop the surface runoff collecting system with the biofiltration pond

• Educate and create awareness among devotees and the surrounding communities about sustainable water usage and conservation

Project Benefits

Following are the benefits

Economic benefits

• Rainwater harvesting will save about 500,000 liters of water per year

• Storm water harvest from surface runoff of rainwater will save about 5 million litres of water per year • Water savings from recycling wastewater will save approximately 300,000 litres of water per year

• Biosolid used for composting

• Significant reduction in power/electricity consumption using photovoltaic panels

• Significant cost saving in water and power bills

Social benefits

• The temple will serve as a place of worship for the Hindu community including the large student population in Melbourne and its suburbs extending to Geelong, Ballarat, and Bendigo. These devotees are typically migrants or students of Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Fijian, Singapore or South African descent.

• Project will create awareness among devotees/visitors about efficient water usage • Once completed the temple can serve as a centre for cultural activities

• Innovative solution and technology can be utilized by other communities

Environmental Benefits

• Reduction in green house gas emission by using green energy

• Pollution control by class C wastewater treatment and zero trade waste discharge to the local water corporation’s sewers.

•Sustainable energy use

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