Our Vision

The Tamil Educational Cultural and Charitable Association Inc. (TECCA) is a non-profit organisation with the Vision of providing a Place of Worship together with all the necessary facilities and support to fulfill the religious, spiritual, cultural and social needs of the Hindu Community in the Northern and Western metropolitan regions of Victoria and beyond.

Our Mission

TECCA’s Mission is to provide a common place of worship and a Spiritual Resource Centre that will serve as a venue where the Hindu religion or our heritage in all its facets are propagated towards the youth and the adults in the form of religious principles and values. This facility and our programs will enhance their understanding of others, tolerance, value of truth, interest in music, language skills, spiritual knowledge and also create an interest in serving the humanity. 

Our vision will be realised through serving the public at large through following activities:

  • Providing a place of Worship for Hindus 
  • Promoting all aspects of Hindu religion, Culture and Tamil Language.
  • Promoting the observance of Hindu religious events and festivals.
  • Promoting the teaching, preservation and exposition of the Sanathana Dharma.
  • Promoting cultural activities such as meditation, yoga, music, dance and other activities that are related to the Hindu Heritage.
  • Encouraging participation in TECCA’s programmes and involving others in service to humanity.
  • Aiding in the reduction of suffering and helping to improve the quality of life of Hindus and Non-Hindus alike.
  • Enhancing the vision and direction of our youth through imparting the values of Sanathana Dharma (Hinduism).
  • Advocating tolerance, respect and understanding between Hindus and various other cultural groups.
  • Providing appropriate Venue and facilities and support for all the above activities. 


Seeking Support

To achieve our vision and mission we rely on the generosity of individuals, governments and businesses for their support. Without the support of community-minded individuals, the generosity of different facets of the Government and the genericity of businesses, we would not be able to serve our community to the fullest extent through all our dedicated activities and programs.