The Plan has been developed to assist the TECCA Committee together with, the Tamil Community to define a clear role and future for itself, in servicing the needs of the Tamil population in Melbourne (mainly Northern and Western region). The Strategic plan focuses on the broad goals and direction, the TECCA will pursue in the next 10 years. The Action Plan sets out some of the actions that  will be undertaken to implement the plan. The Action Plan will need to be reviewed and adjusted to various changes in policy, local and other priorities and community needs and trends.

The Strategic Plan, areas of focus:

This Strategic Plan is organised around three core groups in order to give focus TECCA Committee members and service providers.

The three core groups are

  1. Newly arrived Tamils.
  2. Families, Youth and the Aged.
  3. Existing Tamil Community.

Proposed plan to fulfil the needs of the Tamil Community:

* Identify the gaps and provide information and support where it is required most.

* Plan for Housing and accommodation.

* Provide Information translation, interpreting and other linguistic services.

* Plan for future schools and education.

* Provide formal training in essentail life skills(Computer, sewing and cooking)

* Plan for Aged Care projects and initiatives

* Plan for Youth Activities

* Offer Recreational Programs and Services.

* Provide Transport to the aged and vulnerable.

* Develop community resources in both languages, English and Tamil.

* Offer Religious and cultural activities for the community.